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10 Best Ways to Keepin’ Your Cool in Sizzlin’ Heat

Home Life Concierge - June 20, 2017

The triple digit temps have arrived and settled in the Las Vegas Valley.  And with these scorching record-breaking temperatures come extreme health hazards.  To help beat the heat and stay cool and sane, try these simple tips to refresh and rehydrate.

Drink Water!
Sounds easy, but many people simply forget to grab the H20.  It’s imperative to stay hydrated.  Water carries heat away from your internal organs, which helps prevent heat stroke or even death.  And don’t wait until you’re thirsty – at this point you probably will have lost about 1 percent of your body’s water – drink throughout the day. 
Stay Away from the Cocktails and Caffeine
Alcohol consumption can lead to dehydration and caffeine increases your metabolic heat in your body.  Stay clear of the toddies and joe – instead – reach for an icy cold water.
Wear Lightweight, Light Colored Cotton Clothes
Cotton absorbs perspiration with the evaporation causing us to feel cooler.  And the light color does its job reflecting the sun’s radiation.
Grab the Ice Packs
Place the ice packs on your pulse points, wrist, neck, elbows, groin, ankles and behind the knees.  Feel the cool!
Take a Cool Shower
This does wonders in helping bring your body temperature down.
Darken Your Rooms in Your House
Douse the light and keep the blinds and shutters closed, blocking the heat from the rays of sunlight.
Adjust Your Ceiling Fans
Switch the revolution of your ceiling fans to move counter-clockwise, which pulls the hot air up and out. 
Stay in Air Conditioning as Much as Possible
Do not rely on fans as your PRIMARY cooling device during extreme heat.  Use you’re A/C or if no A/C is available, click on this Clark County link for a list of cooling centers and stations throughout the Valley
Don’t Use Your Stove or Oven to Cook
Firing up these appliances will only make your house hotter.  Instead, opt for a nice cool salad or sandwich.
Check on Your Friends and Neighbors
Make sure your loved ones, neighbors and friends are safe and cool.  Extreme heat can kill.  In 2016 in southern Nevada, there were 80 deaths attributed to heat exposure.   It is especially important that the high risk population - those people 65 and older, kids younger than two years old and people with chronic diseases or mental illness - stay cool, hydrated and have access to A/C. 
With Las Vegas and much of the southwestern portion of the US experiencing extreme heat, we must do our best to help keep each other safe from these blistering temperatures.  And please remember, NEVER LEAVE YOUR CHILDREN OR PETS IN YOUR CAR!!!

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