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Baby Boomers and Beyond!

By Janine Wile - January 20, 2016

GET Smart with your Smartphone and Get connected!
It looks like technology is here to stay, so as the saying goes…”if you can’t beat them, might as well join them.”  Besides studies show that there are good reasons to “join them.” 
  • According to Pew Research, Americans 65+ years of age, described owning a smartphone as a feeling of freedom. 
  • Studies have also shown that those 65+ who use social networking sites benefit from better health, reduce their chances of cognitive decline, and prevent premature death.
Smartphones are a great tool for keeping people connected with their family and friends.  Grandparents of teens find it an invaluable means to stay in touch. Email, talk, text, video calls or pictures, are all wonderful ways to get and stay connected with young loved ones (and older ones too!!)
Call Home Life Concierge and let one of our Personal Assistant ‘Techsperts’ show you how to Get Smart with Your Smartphone!
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