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Celebrate and Cherish Mother Earth

By Lis Lammers - April 19, 2016

It’s been 46 years since Senator Gaylord Nelson created the first Earth Day to bring attention to the toxins and poisons that were flowing and billowing into the air, water and land, polluting our precious Earth.  Senator Nelson hoped that his effort and those of twenty million Americans who demonstrated throughout the U.S. on that day in April would highlight the neglect at that time by industries towards our valuable natural resources, propelling this issue onto the national agenda.

And lo and behold it worked!  Just eight months later, Congress authorized the creation of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to establish legal and regulatory actions for the protection of our environment.

Celebrate Earth Day 2016 in Las Vegas with GREENFest!
Head over to Downtown Summerlin® this Saturday, April 23rd from 10 to 5 for the annual family friendly and community gathering celebration in honor of Earth Day.
There will be over 150 vendor booths, kid-friendly activities, animal adoptions, artists and art displays, live entertainment, food, a beer and wine garden and more!

Come enjoy this Earth-Friendly, Solar Powered and Zero Waste Festival!

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