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Five Summer Safety Tips for Pets

By Janine Wile - May 20, 2016

With summer approaching, and the temperature in the Las Vegas valley heating up quickly…Home Life Concierge and the Animal Foundation of Las Vegas want to share: 5 Summer Safety tips for pets:
To protect your pets from Vegas’ high temperatures and the risk of heat stroke this summer:
1.         Bring your pets indoors!
When it reaches 110 degrees outside, shady areas do little for a hot pet. Let your dogs and cats join you inside the house to protect them from the sun, high temperatures, and the risk of skin cancer.

2.         Walk your dog during cooler hours!
Save your dog’s paws by walking them on dirt or grass,instead of hot sidewalks and pavement, and walk during the early morning or late afternoon, when the sun is least harsh.

3.         Travel cautiously with pets!
Even with the windows down and the AC on, pets can overheat in cars in as little as 10 minutes. It’s best to leave them at home indoors!

4.         Provide plenty of water!
Dogs and cats need water just as much as people do. Fresh, cold water helps keep pets hydrated during the summer, and adding ice cubes to their bowls can be a special treat!

5.         Watch for signs of heat stroke!
Heat stroke is dangerous for animals, and can quickly turn deadly. Watch for signs like:
       Heavy panting
       Glazed eyes
       Rapid heartbeat
       Difficulty breathing
       Excessive thirst
       Excessive drooling
       Seizures or unconsciousness

How to Treat a Pet Suffering from Heat Stroke
       Move your pet to a shaded/air-conditioned area immediately.
       Apply ice packs/cold towels to the pet’s head, neck, and chest, or run cool water over them.
       Give your pet small amounts of water or let them lick ice cubes.
       Take your pet to a veterinarian immediately.                   
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