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It’s National Preparedness Month: Be Ready for the Unexpected

Home Life Concierge - September 20, 2016

September is National Preparedness Month and as a reminder we encourage all to make a Family Emergency Plan today!  So take action and prepare now, and throughout the year for emergencies that could affect where you live, work and visit. 

To get more information on how you can be ready and prepared, download the FEMA App to your smartphones where you will receive weather alerts, safety tips and information to help you and your loved ones before, during and after disasters.  And in the event of the unexpected, the App even has numbers and website information should you need to apply for assistance, require shelter or to contact FEMA directly.
This informative App, available in both English and Spanish also contains a checklist for items all families should have in their Basic Emergency Supply Kit.  Recommended basic supply items to include are:
  • Water, one gallon of water per person per day for at least three days, for drinking and sanitation. 
  • At least a three-day supply of non-perishable food
  • Pet food, extra water and supplies for your pet or service animal
  • Battery-powered or hand cranked radio and a NOAA Weather Radio with tone alert and extra batteries for both
  • Flashlight and extra batteries
  • First Aid Kit
  • Whistle to signal for help
  • Dust mask to help filter contaminated air and plastic sheeting and duct tape to shelter-in-place
  • Moist towelettes, garbage bags and plastic ties for personal sanitation
  • Wrench or pliers to turn off utilities
  • Can opener for canned food
  • Local maps
  • Cell phone with chargers, inverter or solar charger
And for those who take medications or use a medical treatment on a daily basis, be sure to have at a least a one-week supply or if that’s not possible, talk to your doctor or pharmacist about what else you may need to do to prepare. 

Home Life Concierge hopes you and your family will take the time now to be prepared for the unexpected.  For more information, download the FEMA App, visit or call 1-800-BE-READY.  

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