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Chronic Busyness: It’s Epidemic

Home Life Concierge - September 26, 2016

If you are one of the millions of Americans suffering from chronic busyness - the incessant need to squeeze one more thing in to your already overscheduled day – your health, family and work may be suffering.   In fact, 25% to 40% of U.S. workers have experienced physical and job burnout due to stress, according to the CDC and National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
And even when we know we are over-whelmed by work and household responsibilities, we keep sluggin’ away while wearily wearing the ‘I’m Stressed to the Max’ badge of honor.  We are a society of people-pleasers, energized and obsessed with productivity.   And during these times to do – we leave no time to be, not recognizing that our bodies and minds are craving a bit of downtime, whether it’s a nap, meditation, nature walk or even a bit of daydreaming. 
Home Life Concierge is here to help you get back your ME Time so you can return to that Healthy and Happy You.  Schedule a HLC personal assistant to lend a hand with your Life’s To-Do’s.  We can help you… 
  1. Perform personalized shopping and delivery
  2. Run to the post office
  3. Pick up and deliver dry cleaning
  4. Stop by the hardware store
  5. Pick up or return a gift
  6. Conduct a Home Inventory
  7. Take your car in for routine maintenance
  8. Organize your home
  9. Provide help to new moms
  10. Arrange for repair and service calls
  11. Wait service for repair and service calls
  12. While-You’re-Away home visits
  13. Deliver lunch to nurses and doctors at the hospital or Office
  14. Deliver a meal (Breakfast, lunch, or dinner) to your family or an elderly parent
  15. Return or Checkout a library book or video
  16. Be a helper to a single parent
  17. Deliver gift baskets and flowers
  18. Remind you of special days
  19. Provide business referral service
  20. Make restaurant recommendations and/or reservations
  21. Walk and Check on your pets
  22. Plan travel and vacations
  23. Assist with your move – pack or unpack boxes
  24. Arrange for your tee time at a golf club
  25. Book your appointments for you (Doctor, Dentist, Hair, etc…)
  26. A little technology assistance with Smartphones’ and tablets
  27. Provide office help
  28. Provide courier/delivery services
  29. Do Internet research
  30. Complete Special projects
  31. Perform Data Entry
  32. Write Procedural Documentation
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About Us
Home Life Concierge is a personal assistant and lifestyle management company based in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Designed for everyday folks, professionals, families and seniors, we are here for you and your Life’s To-Do’s.   Call HLC at 702-964-9800 for a FREE consultation.  We are fully licensed, bonded and insured.